Friday, 9 October 2009

to yoko or not to yoko

I find the animosity towards Yoko Ono quite narrow-minded and ignorant considering that she is a prolific artist and was an established one at that. She was part of the FLUXUS art community was she met John Lennon.

The story goes is that they both met when she had a collective exhibition and Lennon was tickled by what he had seen. This meant that he eventually left his first wife and Ono filled the empty void that was left.

What interests me though is the lennon/ono music collaborations. This subject has been the butt of many jokes but on the first listen of Don't Worry Kyoko, the listener can't help but stand their ground.

They both made the Two Virgins album that is mostly made of sound collage but, on The Beatles last single Let It Be, the aforementioned Don't Worry Kyoko is an astounding piece of sound collaged artwork. On the B-Side of Cold Turkey, which is Open The Box is another piece of Ono sound collage.

When I bought Double Fantasy the Kyoto motif is carried further with the classic Ono track Kiss Kiss. I find that this track together with Walking On Thin Ice and Don't Worry Kyoko are even more relevant and soundworthy today as it was back then.

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