Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Distintergration of copper

After a conversation with Hazel Jones, I now know of three methods of creating verdigris on copper.

1.Spray with weak solution of HCl and H2O.
2.Use yoghurt
3.Uric Acid...Urine.

The Uric Acid method is to bury the metal and urinate over it for a specific time.

I maybe making a metallic sculpture but I want the verdi-gris effect so I'll need to experiment.

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David W. Jones said...

Hi Jason? This has to be you from your profile...
I like it here, some interesting ideas. I look forward especially to your piss-yoghurt-rotting-metal piece!
My blog is http://littleblueandrevenue.blogspot.com/

Saw a surprisingly good documentary today on BBC iPlayer, Synth Britannia. Was more detailed than I expected and might have convinced me Depeche Mode are quite good. Maybe. Anyway, considering I'm not 100% this IS you, I'm rambling. Speak to you soon, Dave