Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Project idea evolved from bus journey

Got up late today for some inexplicable reason. I was supposed to have collected a whole bunch of broken bus stop toughened glass fragments for my collage but of course, in the scheme of things, couldn't get round to do it. It'll be done tomorrow, hopefully.

So back to the this idea that I thought of... I've been reading up on FLUXUS art concepts and giving boxes of random stuff was somewhat part of the ethics; these were boxes of fluff, mould and other bodily extracts. I began to draw compositions in my journal of fruit. My idea and concept of this fruit-box would be the all-seeing of the degeneration of said fruit as in the degeneration of the all-seeing culture that we live in. The box would be all clear plastic and would be, ideally, vacuum-packed and be photographed every 24 hours.

The only problem is that when I arrived at University, I saw several student playing around with fruit so, in fact, this idea of mine might be a little universal. I hope my concept differs dramatically from theirs.

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