Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New Project-FOOD

The project has been set and it has been given it's official title (drum roll please) FOOD.

Think, think,, to consume; food, as art; food, in photography...decide, plan and create. Well, that's the plan. Thinking Warhol, Fluxus, Photography, Collage, Sculpture. I can't pinpoint on what to do. I've worked with wood extensively last year and metal working is of interest but I want to save that work ethic until the end of year show.

Bacteria and viruses feed off healthy cells and the chemical bonding structures may have a sculptural twist but could I work this within my ideas for a proto-Ladybird book. This might step on the toes of the ideas I have of collecting images of rubbish et al... I've been trying to find images of chemical bonds but to no avail at the moment.

Do you like head-cheese, so says pyscho number one in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Found sound and sequenced frequencies maybe filtering it up and file for later.

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