Friday, 10 February 2012

baptists & bootleggers | day after

I had a great time, of the time allowed that I had due to train times at the B & B Launch Night last night. I trotted on over from the Manchester School of Art's Holden Tea Room with a group of friends in the Manchester drizzle to the Islington Mill in Salford. I was given the record almost immediatley and was given the last canvas bag that they had.

There was an exhibition in the next room with named ballons as if they were toe tagged on an autopsy table and a butcher's block of realistic body parts made from some undisclosed material. it is a good show but was only a diversion.

We missed Vei but was on time for Borland. A duo of electronica and synthed-out vocals. They were quite good a bit like Mogwai with that synth twist. They did a spectactular version of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod [the mod] Stewart, which was grand. I had to miss the last act due to trains etc...

In all, a good night of music and freebies..the record was played as soon as I got home, I won't be playing the record again and will be put somewhere safe, I was given a CD from a friend so that'll be played instead. I wanted a cassette from the B&B gang but they are limited and have stuff on by the founders, I'll be on the look out for other releases though.

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