Monday, 20 February 2012

mansion house-revealed..Feniscowles Hall

This house was built in the Georgian era by the Feilden family who bought the land from the Ainsworth family. Both families were influential within the constrains of Blackburn and they have streets named after them. The hall was passed from other families when the Feilden family moved away, the hall started it's decline soon after 1911.

The hall then became a place for functions also became a place to visit in the spring and summer and to have afternoon teas. This was in about 1930 and further research is needed for more information. As you can see from the photographs, my analysis of the chapel is quite wrong but iwithout prior knowledge, speculation is left to roll.

There is supposed to be a ghost that haunts the grounds called Pepper's Ghost which is intriguing. I still don't know what happened to the building and it's sudden decline though. In 1930 it was still being used as a visitor's centre as stated above and the dereliction is a totality.


Thanks go to blackburnlad for the images that I have used for this post.

After some discourse with blackburnlad I have been able to fathom that the house was built too close to the rivers and through industrial and organic contaminents, the air became polluted and the house then became inhabitable. Due to tax avoidance, the last owners decided to remove the roofs and this in turn started the decline. It's a shame though, the building was beautiful and would've been a boon to the area.

In some twist of fate, this house has become a natural ruin within a landscaped area in total reversal of the manufactured ruins of the 19th century where landowners created ruins after their soirees into Italy and Greece when on the grand tours.

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