Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Knitting Project - unravelling the artist

I have joined a new knitting group within the studio and since I last knitted when I was studying Fashion at eighteen years old, I had re-establish certain sub-routines. The first samplers that I did were raggidity squares with miss-stitches and holes, extra stitches and eventually, I knitted myself a little scarf. I had to unravel a large portion of the scarf because I didn't like where it was heading and a side project evolved whilst doing said unraveling.

I aim to construct either a ten foot long or a 5ft 6in (my height) sampler that will be knitted out of cotton binding twine that will be 37 stitches long, my present age and hang this within an exhibition space. The piece will be called [unravelling the artist] and will consist of the viewer/audience and if they feel in a position to unravel the piece of work. It is a very simple and basic idea, also very minimal and really is a response from some of my contempories to produce a piece of work with intellectualising and contexualising. It will be a very open and hjonest piece of work.

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