Thursday, 23 February 2012

Studio Floor-Start of Degree Project

When the Antwerp Mansion/Evolve project coming to an end very soon, the time for the degree show work to start is imminent. I have decided to concentrate on the minutai of details that we tend to ignore and forget. This work is alot similar to the work that I have done previously but I think my practise is dependant on what we consider as notworthy of our attention. The trash in the streets, the road-side markings and accidentals that we see but ignore are all what I have focussed on.

I am interested in the spatial and colourings of of the street, the different types of tarmac and stone, broken street flags and paving and the colouration of whatever nature has on the efect of corrosion etc.

I am going to take photographs and make pencil drwaings quite intensely, I suppose, at this time and see whatever outcome will give fruit. I am intending to make two large collages made from wood and metal and incorporate neon signage within it though..I am intent on doing this for the final show.

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