Sunday, 11 March 2012

James Parkinson and Kevin Ryan @ Malgras/Naudet

Just got a Facebook invite to the next Malgras/Naudet art show on Chapeltown Street, Manchester. It is a little gallery space that is situated behind Piccadilly Train Station which I have only been to a couple of times.

This show involves the paintings of Parkinson and Ryan and are quite abstract and painterly in Ryan's case and very constructivist/de Stilj in Parkinson's case. I am interested in both styles of painting so in fact kind of looking forward to this show.

Apologies to Kevin Ryan and the posting of another artist named Kevin Ryan....the description is still very apt though in Ryan's case and has a very tactile and guttural aspect to them.

View..James Parkinson | from the Saathchi Gallery website - [new sensations 2011

Kevin Ryan |


Andrew Short said...

No way, no way. Kevin Ryan in the show did not paint that. You got the wrong kevin Ryan.

organic _ robotix said...

shit.. thanks for comment.

UNTITLED said...

Hi thanks for your post.

Ive had a lot of confusion with that other guy. Heres the real me.