Wednesday, 14 March 2012

photographs for new project

I am interested in the patternation and timbre of the pavements and roads that are evident within the urban environment. Workmen come and slice up the roadsides just like surgeons and create scars upon the surfaces. These scars are not unlike real-life collages that have their own colour schemes and what I am going to highlight with my next project is the potential for spatial collage using materials such as wood and metal. I would like to use cement and asphalt but I don't think I have the know how to use such material. Tarmac has such vivid connotations such as the smell and the heat and this creates such an emotive response.

I am already looking into the Mark Boyle Foundation/Family and their collages but the work by Ben Nicholson and Diebenkorn are such important and influential factors within my reasoning.

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