Saturday, 17 March 2012

Off-Shoot into ceramics

As I have a block of red clay to play with and so it won't get wasted, a new sidelined project needs to be created. I am interested in art of pre-history and in particular, the fetishes that are found such as this badly taken photograph. I am intrigued in the Mother figure such as Gaia and the death fetishes of early civilizations. This mini project won't last the week but I think it will be conducive with my practise and allow me the thinking time to sort out glitches that are manifesting at the moment.

We had to prepare and present a 2 minute presentation regarding our art practise and what we will be doing for the degree exhibition in June. It was hard to portray what I would be doing for the next 3 months in a 2 minute presentaion but It had to be done. I was given some good questions to answer and some ideas to mull over.

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