Saturday, 6 February 2010

accident-friday night

After working on test pieces and other maquettes I finally did the inevitable...I've chopped off a large portion of the left handside of my left thumb. It bleed copiously and I started to panic a wee bit. I'm taking blood-thinners etc and had to get a rush trip into the A&E. They couldn't sew the thumb so now I have 1/3 missing from that area. It's put a stop to my over-keeness, I suppose, now that what I was doing has been so abruptly halted.

I had the accident right after watching Matthew Hopkins-The Witchfinder General at about 2.45am and finally got seen to at 6.25am, I got home at 7.30am and feel asleep... It's just a bit of a shock, in the light of the day, having a huge left thumb encased in plasters and bandage.

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