Friday, 12 February 2010

IMAGES and THINGS exhibition coming up

Due to lack of interest I am now one of the lucky ones to have been given a part in the up and coming exhibition in the link gallery based on the theme of IMAGES and THINGS. I'll have all eight of my images displayed as well as the appropiate things displayed in a home-made box.

I have been looking at how other artists such as Cornell etc constructed, filled and displayed their boxes and artworks. I DO need to do the research and other design work to make sure that I don't make a hash of it all. This side of art is quite new to me and I have to find other artists ans movements. I know about the FLUX people and of course, the DADAists but hey, there must be others to find and assimilate.

I'll be designing the box all way through the weekend and hopefully have Paul help me out with the details. And yeah, I'll be using the lats from fruit-box wood (a theme that is running through most of my latest work)and (if I can find it)a rusty[ish] with frame.

And now for a stepback, I've FOUND the screen/litho print workshop after the lecture and seminar today. The tutor is Howard and he seems to be quite a nice guy. I've bought an A4 piece of lino so, there is some fun to be had sometime in the near future. I'm going back to a project that I started awhile back where I collected off-cuts and unwanted/spoilt thrown away prints and collated them into a book. I still have at least a book full from months ago. This may be the genesis of my probable home-made book with inks, collage and text.

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