Friday, 12 February 2010

Joseph Cornell Boxes

The thing that does interest me more and more is noth the archival aspect of this guys work, it is the feeling that we are just the guardians of transient objects such as money, garbage etc. We have the possessions in our midst but when they fail to achieve their usefulness and gather our interest, they are simply cast aside and wait until their next guardian to pass by.

I am an avid collector of first edition (and sometimes other editions)of Ladybird books. I usually collect the non-fiction kinds but when the art is of interest...storybooks. The newer books leave me cold, they seem less sweet and more mechanized (as been designed in Photoshop). The reason behind my ever growing collection is that these little books had quite a life and possibly been passed down in families and entered other social circles. In a way, this may have connection with money collectors etc...

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