Sunday, 7 February 2010

oh dear

Due to the chopping off portions of my left thumb, I am now going to miss out in urgent workshop time. I was going to buy three metres of copper to do my verdi-gris [piss-acid-yoghurt] experiments and construct a tidier version of both my mother and boy fruit-box collage and the scale model of my sculpture/construct and speak to Paul [studio-tech-guy] about possible snags in the process/exhibition exercise.

This is all so periphery really because there is a one day project run by one of the other lecturers/tutors all about research and library things. The reason I'll miss all these activities is that the dressing on said body part needs to be changed and the wound has to be looked at in some detail [there will be pain and (hopefully no) blood] and I might be conscious enough to take photographs of the dis(finger)ment.

I have eventually been able to finish off what I was doing on Friday before I was so rudefully interrupted by the recent butchery activity. The piece I was doing looks great as a neater test piece for my Ben Nicholson inspired mural. And yes, I have managed to use the guilty Stanley Knife but, with much more apprehension than before.

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