Monday, 8 February 2010


Been to the Docs today and got the thumb cleaned up and dressed...took photograms of the injury and I will upload said images tomorrow. I had the chance to pop into the local college where I did my Pre-Degree Foundation and the sculpture I constructed is still being displayed and it looks good. Some more pieces that I had done are being displayed and they all (other art-works as well) needs to be taken home. The sculpture is 6ft x 4ft so that will be a hard graft slogging that home.

This is the beast of a construct that I did for my Foundation course.

I've bought a couple of great art books today from the Cancer Research Charity Shop they are:

The Full Works of Lucien Freud
Picasso's Sketchbooks
The History of Wood Printing
Edvard Munch and Photography
The Facts of Life-Contemporary Japanese Artists

They all cost just one pound each, a bargain at a fiver. Afterwards, I walked past a Telephone Box and found three sections of window pieces - one glass and two perspex. They'll find themselves in a collage very shortly, there are some bits hanging around that needs to be put together...

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