Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Cross-course critique

It's the cross course crit tomorrow and I havent done the [poster] that was requested on Monday. Well I haven't been there since Monday, though. I need to organise my trips to the heart/blood nurses and my specialists alot better.

I have the work that needs to be brought in like my three hard-edged collages, paintings and sketchbooks. My half-finished sculpture is at the studio and so is my mother and boy collage/painting and the more recent sketchbook.

I know what I am doing creative speaking but I'm a little erratic in the studying sense but I am reading a book by Nauman, read a book on J. Cornell and re-reading a chapter by S. Sontag about the Metamorphasis of Vision.

The second assignment (2000 words) has been set and I have chosen a question on the social life of an object. The object that I have chosen maybe a photograph bought from a junk-shop or a Ladybird book that I have found in a charity shop that is well used and has been through many little hands. Frequent readers may find correlations with this and with my last essay on Images and Things.

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